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The  REI Freedom Club Family!

Today, it is the easiest time to become an entrepreneur &/or freedom builder, yet, it is the most difficult time to become an entrepreneur &/or freedom builder. Why?...Today's world is filled with so much negativity and discouragement, so many negative people, complacent people, unsupportive people, indecisive people, people who love the status quo, people willing to accept anything, and people with victim mentalities. Very few know what they want out of life. Not many know what they deserve. Not everyone is willing to sacrifice. Not everyone is willing to take risks.  Not everyone desires true freedom...but the entrepreneur & freedom builder are rare breeds!

The Real Estate Investing & Freedom Club has a very special love for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs (whether part-time or full-time), & freedom builders. The REI Freedom Club family knows and understands that the journey to entrepreneurship, business, & freedom success is not an easy road. We, unlike most, understand the struggles, pitfalls, setbacks, obstacles, and failures that MUST be encountered and the risks and sacrifices that MUST be made, to "reach the other side". We understand the importance of having a strong support system, reliable information, proven systems & processes, and other beneficial and necessary resources. We also, understand that each of these are very difficult to find, let alone, to have ALL in ONE convenient location...

That is why The Real Estate Investing & Freedom Club was born.

It was born for YOU!!!

The REI Freedom Club is specifically designed for individuals, families, and companies that are seeking a positive, supportive, encouraging, educational, & non-judgemental environment of like-minded people with goals; dreams; ambitions; those with a vision; those on a mission; those who know they deserve more; those who have a burning desire for more; those who desire time freedom; those who desire financial freedom; those who desire "options" freedom; those who are fed up; those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired; those looking to grow; those seeking a change; those READY and willing to sacrifice and take risks to allow them, their families, and future generations to live their BEST lives; those who desire to live THEIR life on THEIR terms; those who desire to design their OWN life; those who desire ULTIMATE FREEDOM!...The REI Freedom Club offers an exclusive, MEMBERS-ONLY access, online community, which is available to YOU, NO MATTER where you are located, in the world.

The Real Estate Investing & Freedom Club has a passion for and is on a mission to spread knowledge about real estate, real estate investing, business, entrepreneurship,

& financial literacy, worldwide.

For those seeking to get even more serious about taking control of their OWN financial future and/or going to the next level, The Real Estate Investing & Freedom Club offers personalized, individual, group, & corporate consulting, training, coaching, & mentorship programs.

The Real Estate Investing & Freedom Club strives to build relationships, collaborate, & grow with EVERYONE!!!

You can find all the details and latest updates, on meetups and other events, under the "Events" tab, at the top of this website or on our Facebook page.

If you live in metro Atlanta or are ever in the area, The Real Estate Investing & Freedom Club would love to meet you at our next Meet Up (2nd Wednesday of EVERY month).

DO NOT hesitate to let The Real Estate Investing & Freedom Club know how we can serve you in whatever area you are located in.

Allow The Real Estate Investing & Freedom Club to help you make your dreams a reality.

The Real Estate Investing & Freedom Club looks forward to serving and building a lasting relationship with YOU and EVERYONE you know!!!

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- The REI Freedom Club family -

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