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Are you ready to improve specific areas of your personal life and/or business?...The Real Estate Investing & Freedom Club is here to HELP!

The following areas are just a glimpse of the variety of skill sets The Real Estate Investing & Freedom Club can HELP you learn &/or improve.

*Most areas actually overlap into both personal and business life.

Mindset & Personal

1. Overcoming Fear

2. Overcoming Procrastination

3. Overcoming Challenges

4. Tapping Into Your True Potential

5. Conscious Living

1. Goal-Setting

Entrepreneurship Skills

2. Action Planning

3. Marketing & Branding

4. Sales & Negotiations

5. Networking

Essential Life Skills

1. Effective Communication

2. Budgeting & Money Management

3. Financial Literacy

4. Planning & Organization

5. Time Management

6. Work-Life Balance

7. Team Building

8. Retirement Planning

9. Credit Building & Management

10. Home Buying Process, Tips, & Preparation

Real Estate Investing

1. Wholesaling

2. Rehabbing

3. Buying & Holding 

4. Creative Financing Strategies

5. Alternative, Passive Investing

Business Skills

1. Business Planning

2. CRM Setup & Management

4. Process Creation & Management

5. Systems Creation & Management

3. Hiring & Managing Teams


You have several options available to access help in improving any of the above areas of your life and/or business. The Real Estate Investing & Freedom Club offers one-on-one consultations, small group consultations, training classes, and workshops. We can even set-up customized services specifically for you and your spouse or partner, church groups, friend groups, teens, families, business partners, companies, and so.

If any area you desire improvement in, is not listed above, just ask us about it, and more than likely, we can help with it, as well; and, if not, chances are we know someone who can. Our goal is to HELP you HELP yourself!

We look forward to helping you accomplish your goals, achieve your dreams, and live the life you desire & deserve, on YOUR terms!!!

Freedom is YOURS...
YOU create it!

To Your Success & Freedom,

The REI Freedom Club Family

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